All classes are Monday through Friday with a day and evening time scheduled for each with the exception of the styling classes taught by Viola Rookswood. Day classes are taught by Sonina Scorpio and evening classes are taught by Vikeejeah Xevion. Before you commit to training please review these times and make sure you can attend these classes. We do not train outside of these times.

Week1: 9am & 6pm slt
-I Want to be a Model..So Now What?
-Expectations of a Model
-Model Etiquette & Model Vocabulary
-Styling 101
-Proper Poses for Runway

Week2: 9am & 6pm slt
-How to Create a HUD* ( 2 hour class )
-Shape & Skin
-Prim Adjustment
-Walking & Turning on the Runway
-Posing, Locations & Concepts*
( 11am & 6pm slt )

Week3: 4pm slt & 6pm slt
-Posing , Location & Concepts Practical App.*
( This is the only class this week for 6pm slt)
-Stepping Out in Style
-Stepping Out in Style Practical Application
-Styling it Haute

Week4: 11am & 6pm slt
-Advanced Runway
-Competitive Edge*
(This class will be at 4pm slt only)
-Script Writing
-Show Production* ( 2 hours)
(This will be your final exam/certification)

*Each Class runs from an hour to one and a half hours or more depending on the size of the class and how involved the lesson is. Most classes are in voice so please be sure you can at least hear voice. You do not have to voice if you do not want to.*


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