Academy Training

Academy Training: 15,000L

This course is an all inclusive model training experience that not only prepares you for modeling but teaches you how to market yourself and offer other skills that can help turn your career into a profitable one where you can thrive and earn an SL living. We also provide our trainees with a mentor and encourage participation in show production to further your skills and help you gain experience in the industry (similar to an internship in RL college). Below are the classes we offer over a 4 week training period.

I want to be a Model…So Now What?
Going over the basics of what you need to be a model such as:
-A Blog
-Flickr Account
-Proper SL Profile
-Financial Expectations of Modeling

Expectations of a Model:
This will be a lecture style class discussing what designers, agencies and photographers expect of you in various modeling positions. there will be time for questons at the end of the lecture. By the end of the class you should understand the following…
*What your job is as a model in the general sense of the profession.
*What designers are looking for when casting or hiring a model for an event, show or live modeling job.
*Impressing a designer without saying very much.
*What common mistakes new models make.
*Q&A (questions and answers)

Model Vocabulary:
This class will teach you the model vernacular that all models need to know such as “rebake”, “manual pose”, etc. You will also learn how to do act on these words (most are about doing something so there will be demonstrations).

Model Etiquette
(the Do’s and Don’ts for keeping a positive image)
This class will be open discussion Q&A and lecture style.
This class will be taught by a special guest established SL model.
The lecture will cover:
How to be professional
How to communicate well
Responsibility in appointments
How to keep drama out of your SL life
The benefit of treating everyone nicely
How to network at parties and events


Styling 101 :
You will learn the following:
How to coordinate colors
How to create a pop of color in your outfit
How to mix designers without looking like you did
How to style your clothes so that they look much better
How to folder completed outfits for runway shows

Proper Model Poses for Runway:
You will learn the following in this class:
*What is a static pose.
*What poses are best for a model AO/HUD
*What it means to use a manual pose
*How to place your poses in sequence
*How to use a pose to enhance an outfit
*Best walks for runway

How to Create a HUD (Huddle)
You will need the Strut It HUD for this class (200L) LM provided the day before class. You must read the instructions and be prepared to follow the trainer during the class to speed things along. You may use the poses & walks you purchased for your AO for this class. You will be learning how to load and configure this HUD for runway shows. Also this class will be a test of your comprehension of the proper pose for runway class. You will be asked to choose an outfit and a pose to go with it and explain why you chose the pose for the outfit.

Shape & Skin:
This class will be part lecture and part application.  It will include an  explanation of proportion and proper skin for modeling. You will be critiqued and will need to adjust your numbers. You must have a modifiable shape.

Prim Adjustment:
You will be using pose stands and learning to adjust the following to perfection:
prim legs and sleeves
shoes and all attachments so that none are floating or inside of your body

(you will be asked to fix one item only. the item will be mentioned in a notice before the class begins. )

Walking and Turning on the Runway:
You will be using the practice runway to learn how to use your camera controls and axes to help you walk perfectly straight and turn  fluidly on the runway. Once you have mastered this you will be walking the in house runway with some basic formations to get used to hitting marks.

Posing, Location & Concepts:
Here you will learn about appropriate poses when you are on location with a photographer.
How to prepare for a photo session on location with a photographer.
You will not always have a photographer with a pose stand so this class will teach you  how to compile a good “list” of poses for the theme of your photo session. Also you will be creating a concept NC for me to shoot you on location.

Advanced Runway: Covering double, triple and quad walks, how to stay in sync, how to fight lag, and how to walk and understand complex formations and formation NCs. You will be practicing with your mentors and trainer and must use all of the tricks taught to you in the previous runway class.

Script Writing: Here we teach how to create an organized script down to the minute and how to take your writing a step beyond simple clothing descriptions so that the show viewer will want to become a clothes purchaser. This class will challenge you to get organized and teach you marketing skills when advertising a sponsor in a show script. This will make you a valuable asset to any agency post graduation.

Show Production: This class will teach how to create, market and run a fashion show from the concept to the sponsors to the models, formations and so on. You will also get a beginner lesson in building.

Evaluation: This will be your final exam where you will implement all you have learned in the previous weeks. You will be given your task in the begining of week 4 and will be scored by the staff and your mentor. You must pass with 80% or better to get certified.



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