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Vikeejeah Xevion originally started her SL career as a designer for House of Xevion. She designed women’s clothing and lingerie. For 7 months, Vikeejeah commited herself to design until she discovered professional modeling. Vikeejeah decided to follow her passion and closed HOX so that she could devote her time to modeling. Vikeejeah graduated from MA Modeling Academy and Miss Virtual World Model Academy. Since entering her new career, she has worked hard in all facets of modeling and compiled a very impressive resume (shown below). She has always enjoyed helping others with the knowledge she has gained and that is why Arcobaleno came to be. Vikeejeah created an academy that contained in-depth training and consistent work for models to gain experience just as fast as she did. Vikeejeah continues to this day to model in agencies like AVENUE Models and FAN Elyte Models. She has spent many weeks as a JCNY Showcase Model and currently is a print model for Puddles. Vikeejeah is also a Runway Cafe Model.

So what is next for Vikeejeah? Arcobaleno is merging with Hard Shapes and Styles which means changes for the better within the academy. Good new all around. The future is bright for Vikeejeah and Arcobaleno.

Vikeejeah’s Modeling Resume:

Model Since: February 2010

FAN Elyte Models
Runway Cafe Models
Graduate of MA Modeling Academy
MVW Model Academy Graduate

Fashion Shows:
Wetherby’s Weekly Fashion Shows (3)
House of Xevion- Organizer of 3 shows
MA/HOX Fashion Show- Sponsor/Organizer
MA-Morea Fashion Show-Model
ASA Charity Fashion Show- Model
MA-Betrayal Fashion Show-Model
FS Jewelry Fashion Show-Model
House of Beningborough Fashion Show-Elite Show Model
Gatti Skin and Clothing Fashion Show-Model
Queen of Hearts HOB Fashion Show
MA-Flores De Mayo Fashion Show
Peach Parade Themed Shows (Hobo & June Weddings)
24 Shoo Fashion Show
Avenue Live Interview Show
Little Girls Wonderland Korean Fashion Show
Around the World in 80 Minutes
NOH8 Fashion Show
Maven Haus ( Spotlight in the Metropolis)
FAN Elyte December Fashion Show
Shiki Fashion Show ( Runway cafe)

Print Modeling:
House of Xevion
Swedish Style
GRAVES Leather
Posies Poses
Spirit Weaver Jewelers
DD Styles
Purple Moon
In-Store Modeling:
Elisa Carter Designs

Promo Modeling:
Hyper Culture
Sexiest Avatar February 2010
Mr&Miss VR International 2010 Finalist
Miss Azul 2010 Finalist
Eshi Mix N Match Finalist

Fashion Alert February 2010- Design Feature and Ad
Your Style March 2010-Ad for House of Xevion
Fashion Alert April 2010- Cover Model
MODAVIA Magazine October 2010- Ad for Posies Poses
BOSL Magazing September 2010-  Feature
BOSL Magazine October 2010- Ads for Graves, Truthball and 3rd Anniversary of BOSL Magazine
AVENUE Magazine November 2010 – Editorial for DD Styles

Music Video by Janetka Ling-

Vidal Promotional Video by javabox Kawanishi

 House of  Fox Fashion Show at Maritima
 AVENUE Amarello Manga:!


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