Welcome to Arcobaleno

2 06 2010

My name is Vikeejeah Xevion and I am the owner of Arcobaleno Modeling  Academy. I have created a modeling academy where I can offer a full well rounded education for models where they can obtain a strong grounding in the basics that will lay the foundation for the many opportunities available within their chosen SL career. Arcobaleno specializes in preparing absolute beginners for the start of a career in modeling, established models mentoring newer models and experienced models being able to take classes that will enhance their careers.

Arcobaleno Academy prepares models to enter the SL Fashion world with basic through advanced knowledge and preparation in order to be successful the first time around. Thus graduating faster and being able to compete at the top of their game so that they are poised to serve as live models, print models, runway models and anything in between. We continue with them, offering classes in script writting, show production, marketing, styling  and more to bring forth models with professionalism, style, and skills. We work our absolute hardest to ensure success with our graduating models. We provide a high level of diversity within Arcobaleno (hence the name which is “rainbow” in Italian). We represent models of all races, ethnicities, cultures, languages and colors and are prepared to teach in any language with our translators or bilingual trainers.

Arcobaleno’s mentor program will be a great opportunity for new models to see what this career is really like and for the mentors to have a chance to give back and help the new models get through the difficult task of thriving in a highly competitive industry. You can review our mentors on the mentor tab on our site. If you are interested in joining Arcobaleno as a mentor, please send a request to Vikeejeah Xevion.

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